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Welcome to FORSEAA Malaysia the representative office of FORSEAA 'Forum of Small Medium Economics AFRICA ASEAN' whose HQ and Secretariat is based in Jakarta and responsible to administer and organize the smooth running of the initiatives and programs to reveal a new potential development of the economic powers through Small Medium Economics of AFRICA and ASEAN.

FORSEAA will assist the SME of AFRICA and ASEAN to attain a new economy, by introduction of new market, new partner, new technology, new innovation, new design and new approach of delivering the businesses directly to the consumer or in cooperation with FORSEAA affiliation partners.

FORSEAA will play an exciting role in harnessing the SME of AFRICA and ASEAN to wide range market from various parts of the world and to build alliances outside the region to expand the market, enhance design and branding, improve competitiveness, access to capital and advocacy of sovereign policy.

FORSEAA will offer a one door networking of government, academic, business, finance, design, research and community all integrated thru an interactive database which become the power of social economy to create new market and its requirements.

To contact FORSEAA Malaysia please email to :
Ms Rani Wemel
Executive Director,Malaysia
Email :

More about FORSEAA please visit the official FORSEAA website:

LTT Global brings digital learning over to the shores of Indonesia via workshops on MyMobileEnglish and both award winning learning portals to empower workforce and transform organizations to remain competitive in today's globalized world and knowledge based economy in collaboration with Forum of Small Medium Enterprises Africa ASEAN. Our heartfelt thanks to FORSEAA team and all partners who made the workshops a huge success.

FORSEAA 'Forum of Small Medium Economic AFRICA ASEAN' will provide the Seychelles students studying in universities at Malaysia with the Digital Education learning platform to enhance their capacity and talents via lifelong education and to prepare themselves with entrepreneurship skill and remain updated in today's rapid changes of globalized economic opportunities.

The subject was highlighted by Dr.Wemel Cumavoo, Co-Founder and CEO of LTT Global in his brief presentation on the occasion of 'SEYCHELLES GET TOGETHER' at Royal Selangor Club , Kuala Lumpur on March 1st, 2018, by invitation of Vice President of Seychelles H.E. Vincent Meriton, who is on social visit together with Special Envoy of President Seychelles for ASEAN H.E. Dr. Nico Barito and attended by around 80 Seychelles students in Malaysia.

FORSEAA is an intergovernmental organization founded by Seychelles and Indonesia together with other member countries from Africa and ASEAN and Dr.Wemel of LTT Global serves as the Executive Director of FORSEAA Digital Learning in Malaysia.

LTT Global, a multi award wining global pioneer in mobile learning is among the most successful digital learning portals, promoting quality learning content, and providing opportunities of learning at all levels in compliance with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #4.